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We’ve Moved to Las Vegas!

Earlier this year, DJ and I decided that we couldn’t brave the DC winters anymore. For me, it wasn’t as much for the cold as it was the general lack of sunlight from the middle of October through March. What can I say? I crave Vitamin D.

So we sat down and each made lists of states with low state income taxes and cities with lots of sunny weather and activities. Bonus points went to cities located in areas of the country where we hadn’t lived before.

Places that made our short list were: Phoenix, Seattle (okay, they don’t have sunny weather), Houston, Dallas, and Vegas.

So as the blog title gives away, we picked Las Vegas and began our cross-country trek in the middle of August. We made some pit stops along the way in Tennessee to visit our families, in Alabama to lounge on the gorgeous Gulf Coast and eat royal reds, and Texas to visit some friends.

Now DJ and I have been here for a little over a month and things are going great! It was warm when we first pulled in — that’s for sure — but what people say about the dry heat really is true.

I just don’t sweat here which is what makes the heat so terrible anyway. And while not sweating is great, it can also be dangerous if you don’t drink lots of water. Someone said to me early on, “If you’re thirsty, it’s too late. Always carry water with you.” And so we do.

The House Situation

Before we moved to Vegas, we contracted on a to-be-built house and I’ve been dreaming and scheming of all the awesome things that are going to be in there. I can’t wait to share them as we get closer. (Follow my “Vegas” board on Pinterest if you want to see some of my ideas!)

If you’ve built a house before (neither of us had), you are very aware of all the ups and downs we are going though. First, we were told that we would be in by the end of October…but it’s looking more like December now. Then, the tile in the shower couldn’t get here in time, so we had to pick something else. And now, the cabinets we picked are on back order.

I’ve learned, if nothing else, to take each day as it comes. And nothing is that serious. In an overly dramatic way, I am reminded of Enid’s note from this season of The Walking Dead, “Just Survive Somehow.”




  • The heat is dry — no really!
  • Fall equals 74 degree days and 55 degree nights
  • Excellent shows and concerts of all varieties
  • Local discounts on those excellent shows which makes a lot of them free
  • There is always something to do — no matter what time it is


  • Lots of really hot heat
  • No fall leaf peeping
  • An over abundance of ridiculously terrible drivers
  • T&A everywhere — like at the grocery store (though I’m pretty sure DJ has this on his “pros” list)
  • A pretty major emphasis on plastic surgery

  • sober in vegas
    Posted at 17:39h, 01 November Reply

    glad you are finding some pros here! I know it can be a BIIIG adjustment, but I hope there continue to be additions to the pro column! (And yes…the driving here…drivers here are truly out of control!)

    • youfoundsarah
      Posted at 19:22h, 01 November Reply

      Absolutely! You know…now that we’ve been here two years, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. We love it here! Also, so glad I found your blog – my husband is a teetotaler, too. 🙂

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