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Well On The Way

In August, we packed up our belongings onto a POD and headed out on our journey to Las Vegas. We took a couple of suitcases worth of clothes — and that was it. So now, two, almost three months later, we still have those same clothes. And as terrible as it feels to have the same clothes always on rotation, I will say that having so few really streamlines the getting dressed portion of the day. Maybe I’ve learned something from all of this?

Since September, DJ, our two dogs, and I have lived in a furnished rental apartment, and next week we have to move on to something else. (We were thinking that we would be in our house by now so we only rented it for a short time.) Now we’re on the hunt for Air BnB’s around that allow dogs and have enough room (and don’t have anyone else living there).

In good news, we went by the house a few days ago and were surprised to see all the cabinets and light fixtures in, the walls painted, and my favorite item of all — our modern staircase was in place and ready to go! It’s so much easier at this stage to see this as a home, and remember why we liked the plan in the first place.

So I got curious and called the builder and found out that they have finally set a walk-through date and I couldn’t be more excited! That will put them only a month behind schedule but, at this point, I’m happy just knowing that things are popping.

Wish us luck as we finish out this last month and move towards all those grown-up things like HUDs and Escrows and all the other things that confuse the heck out of me!

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