European Christmas Markets
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European Christmas Markets


My husband and I got married last year and we wanted to start a holiday tradition all our own. We decided that instead of buying things that we don’t need we’d head off the some European Christmas markets. Last year, we visited markets in Germany, the Czech Republic, and France and had a blast! It’s definitely a tradition that we’re planning to keep up for many years to come.  Stay tuned for posts from the cities with pictures!

Also, we’ve booked our 2014 Christmas market trip! This year’s destinations? Vienna,  Bratislava, and Budapest!

2013 Christmas Market Itinerary (click the map below to enlarge):

Dresden, Erfurt, Esslingen, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Nellingen, Nuremberg, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Stuttgart, Weimar
France: Strasbourg
Czech Republic: Plzen, Prague



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