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Cancer Update & Birdshot

On Friday we took Olive to the vet to determine if surgery was a good option to remove the mast cell tumor in her chest. All in all, it was pretty easy. Well, for us at least; we didn’t have to put a dog in an x-ray machine or be a dog in an x-ray machine.

Oh the patience those vet techs and doctors must have!

DJ and I had a lot of anxiety going into the appointment but thank goodness, everything wound up looking pretty positive.

The vet and radiologist determined that Olive has a slightly enlarged spleen and heart and elevated liver enzymes, but nothing too concerning or that would prevent surgery. They mentioned that it was hard to tell if the enlargements have to do with anything in particular; it could just be the way that she’s made.

She is the sweetest, so having a large heart was no surprise to us! (Everyone say “Awww!”)

We have her surgery scheduled a week from today, Tuesday, November 17. The doctor will open her up and take out the cancer, look for any signs of spreading, close her up, and send her home. Easy. (We’re a glass half full family around here.)

On a non-cancer / finding a benefit to cancer note, we were finally able to get Olive a full torso x-ray to see all of the birdshot she has around her body! You can feel them on some of the more shallow areas (ears, lower legs, etc) and we’ve always wanted to know where else they were located and how many there were. The count in the x-ray (which just includes her torso) is 18 and we’ve felt at least 5 in her legs and ears.  That’s a total count of 23 bird shot all over our sweet little dog!

Can you imagine shooting at a puppy (or anything for that matter)?! What cruel people there are in this world.

DJ and I are headed to Los Angeles this weekend for a little getaway before the house madness begins. And to warm up! It’s been really cold here in Las Vegas (okay, it’s like 50, but still!). I’ll be sure to share some of our experiences and photos when we get back.

The girls are staying with this nice lady we met through Rover. It’s been pretty great for us since we move around a lot; we’re always able to find a good sitter. You can sort by in-home sitters, in-their-home sitters, day care, dog walkers, etc. If you’ve used, let me know what you’ve thought of the service!

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