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Wondering what it's like when two southerners elope to Alaska? It's an awesome adventure, filled with salmon, mishaps, and lots of love. Here are some of the photos from our wedding album along with tips should you choose to elope.
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Alaska Elopement: North to the Future!

In August 2013, DJ and I eloped to Alaska! Why Alaska? Well, it was the last state in the U.S. DJ hadn’t been to and I’d always wanted to go.

Looking back on it, we would have definitely bumped up our wedding date because late August is already butting into late fall in Alaska. It was rainy, cloudy, way chillier than we anticipated, and a lot of the times our view was obstructed. But what we saw is still some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen.

In Alaska, anyone (literally anyone) can marry you, you just have to submit their names to the marriage licensing office at least 24 hours in advance. We got the concierge at the Alyeska to marry us and the resort’s finance director was our videographer.

Here are some of the questions we get when people hear how we tied the knot:

Would you recommend eloping?

Hell, yes. It was awesome for us. You have to pick what’s right for you and your relationship.

Were your friends and family mad?

Not really. At least not that they told us. But we also didn’t really care. We were getting married to each other. We had to do what we felt was right for us.

It must have been a lot cheaper than a “real” wedding.

First off – we had a real wedding. And we have the certificate to prove it. Second, yeah we didn’t spend tens of thousands of dollars. But we did it up. And we got a two week vacation driving around Alaska for less than the cost of dinner at some “real” weddings.

Didn’t you miss celebrating with your friends and family?

No. Plus we sent postcards during our journey to people who were special to us.

What about hair / makeup / flowers / etc?

I did my own hair and makeup. I watched a LOT of makeup tutorials on YouTube before we left. Was it perfect? Probably not. But neither am I … nor will I be throughout our marriage. For flowers, we got the most gorgeous bouquet at Costco (you read that right, Costco) the day of our wedding. I tied them with a hair tie and then wrapped them with twine.

Venue: On the grounds of Alesyka Resort
Location: Girdwood, Alaska (about 45 minutes outside Anchorage)
Photo Cred: Jonathan Gurry @ Chugach Peak Photography

Eloping Tips:

  • If you plan on wearing a typical wedding gown, buy one that won’t show wrinkles as bad, and that you can just throw casually into a suitcase.
  • Research and contract with a professional photographer prior to embarking on your elopement. These will wind up being the only physical memories that your marriage took place! And you’ll want to share them with friends and family who (cough, cough) weren’t invited.
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